Biometric & Facial Recognition
Time Attendance System

Implementing an effortless thumbprint or facial capture machine at the office entrance ensures punctuality tracking and provides precise salary payout. Employees can easily record their attendance before entering the office, ensuring accurate time tracking, and streamlined payroll management.

Clock In and Out with Time Attendance System

Introducing our innovative time attendance system, designed to provide a seamless solution for tracking employee attendance, whether they’re indoors or outdoors. Whether you need to monitor in-office staff within the company premises or field employees at remote locations, our dual indoor and outdoor time attendance system is the perfect choice. It’s crafted to streamline HR processes and boost overall efficiency.

Features of time attendance system

Clock in and out with time attendance machine or mobile phone

Synchronize to Million Payroll

Auto-calculate lateness and overtime

Cloud-based time attendance system

Perfect Match with Biometric and Facial Recognition Machine

Real-Time, Real Time

Easy Setup and Intuitive UI

Efficient Management of Users

Integrated & Real-Time Monitoring

Powerful Access Control Settings

Event Priority & Alerts

Time Attendance

Easy Access & Advanced Reporting


Real-Time Data

Clock-in/Out with Smartphone

Employee GPS Clocking

Employee Attendance Tracking

Data Consolidation From Different Locations

Notifications for Tardiness & Absenteeism

Overnight Shift Scheduling

OT Application & Approval

How can time attendance system help to ease HR workload?

  • The system allows for monitoring employees’ clock-ins, clock-outs, lateness, absence, and overtime.
  • A wide range of reports is available, including audit trail report, daily attendance, individual attendance, performance summary, weekly attendance, and working hours summary.
  • Users can set their email addresses to receive daily attendance reports, eliminating the need to log in to the portal to check for lateness or absence.
  • Attendance adjustments can only be made by authorized coordinators, ensuring data integrity and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have the option to set up the door access function to integrate the biometric/facial recognition machine for seamless entry.
Yes, the data can be seamlessly synchronized, and the system will automatically calculate any lateness or overtime before synchronizing it to the Million Payroll software. This integration ensures accurate attendance records and simplifies payroll processing.
Yes, you have the flexibility to set different work shifts and working hours for individual employees according to their specific requirements.

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