Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Easily apply for leave anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. The Million leave management system allows for efficient schedule planning, making it a seamless process.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Rockbell provides a wide range of human resource management solutions, from payroll to E-leave, E-claim, rostering, project and time attendance systems.


Manage Leave Anywhere, Anytime

Apply, cancel, or withdraw conveniently through a mobile phone application or an online web portal. Employees can also attach their medical certificates directly when applying leave through the system.

The system features a simple and easy 2-step approval process, enabling approval managers to efficiently review and approve leave requests.

Email & App Notification

Always stay updated with Million HRMS by receiving apps notification & email simultaneously about any changes on the leave status.


Convenient & Efficient
With Million HRMS, you can submit claims from anywhere with an internet connection. Upload required receipts or references online to reduce the administrative burden and processing time.

Easy Tracking
Employees can easily track the status of their claims, ensuring transparency between both parties.

Faster Reimbursements
A streamlined expenses claim management system reduces human error & processing time for claims, resulting in faster reimbursements.


The flexibility
Enjoy the flexibility to clock in & clock out from work anytime from any location on our HRMS web portal or phone application.

The management will be able to track the employees’ location real-time. All the time sheets will be accessible every day instead of having to wait until the end of the month, enabling HR to track absentees efficiently every day.

Automated Calculation
Million HRMS automatically computes the duration of employee lateness, as well as overtime working hours, sparing you the need to perform manual calculations.

Various management reports can also be generated from the system to have a detailed overview of the team’s punctuality and attendance performance.


With Million HRMS, HR can track and analyze employees’ performance over time to provide talent development for improvement.
3 simple steps for a streamlined appraisal system.
HR to create appraisal form & assign to designated personnel
Employees to login system to evaluate
Superiors to review and provide feedback or comments


Implementing an effortless thumbprint or facial capture machine at the office entrance ensures punctuality tracking and provides precise salary payout. Employees can easily record their attendance before entering the office, ensuring accurate time tracking, and streamlined payroll management.

Frequently Asked Questions

The software and data are hosted and accessed over the internet, rather than on-premises, allowing its users to access it anytime, anywhere.
The Million leave management system is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile phones. Users can download and use the system on either of these platforms.
Yes, Million HRM software allows for the creation and allocation of an unlimited number of leave types, which can be easily assigned to employees based on their entitlements and organizational policies.
Yes. With Million HRM, you can sync all attendance data to Million Payroll. It helps to improve efficiency and smoothen the process of running your business.
Yes, you can customize the appraisal form to tailor it specifically to each employee’s job role.

What are the yearly charges for Million Payroll System?

Million Payroll System is a one-time payment, lifetime license solution. Users can create unlimited company directories at no extra charges.

What will happen to Million Payroll System if there are changes to EPF rates?

Million will be upgraded to stay compliant to all the latest rules and regulations. Rockbell will inform users of any new Million Payroll System version so users can upgrade their system with the patch file provided.

What can I do if I have reached my maximum headcount in Million Payroll System?

You can upgrade your Million Payroll System to create unlimited employees for your company.
Are you looking for a system to digitalise HR processes? Rockbell offers a full suite including Million Payroll, E-leave, E-Claim, E-Appraisal and E- Documentation!
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3 Simple (But Important) Tips For Getting started with Time Attendance Systems

Time attendance systems can undoubtedly be quite advantageous for both companies and employees.

In addition to helping to make sure that everyone is there, they can also aid to increase workplace productivity and efficiency. However, getting started with a time attendance system can seem overwhelming if you’ve never used one before.

As a result, we have put together a few straightforward yet crucial pointers to assist you in implementing a time attendance system at work.

How does a time attendance system work?

Time attendance system is a tool that helps businesses keep track of employee hours. Payroll calculation, policy compliance monitoring, and even increased productivity at work are all possible with it. Although there are many various kinds of time attendance systems, they all have key aspects in common.

The most basic sort of time attendance system are time clocks. The system keeps track of the hours worked by employees by having them physically punch in and out. More advanced systems may measure staff hours using badge readers or fingerprint scanners.

Sometimes additional corporate software, such payroll or human resources (HR) systems, is connected with attendance systems. Businesses can automate some of the process of recording employee hours using this, which also makes it simpler to compute payroll and check for policy compliance.

To make sure that only authorized employees can clock in and out, the majority of systems use some type of biometric authentication, such fingerprint scanning.

Time attendance system can be used to track employee hours in a variety of ways. They can be used to track total hours worked, break times, overtime hours, and more. Payroll can be computed using this data, and it can be utilized to increase workplace productivity and monitor policy compliance.

Here are three crucial pointers to help you get off to the correct start, assuming you’ve decided that implementing a time attendance system is the best course of action for your company.

Define your needs and objectives.

It’s crucial to take a step back and clarify your individual demands and goals before looking around for time attendance systems. What specifically are you hoping to accomplish by putting in place a time attendance system? Do you wish to raise staff output? decrease time stealing make it simpler to track the hours worked by employees?

You can start looking into various time attendance systems to see which one will best suit your needs once you have a solid understanding of your needs.

Consider your budget.

Consider your budget when purchasing a time attendance system because prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

There are several reasonably priced choices available that can still satisfy your demands, so there is no need to spend a fortune on a time attendance system.

Get input from your employees.

Get feedback from the staff members who will be utilizing the time attendance system if you plan to deploy one. They are the ones who will be impacted by the shift, after all.

Ask the opinions of your staff members regarding the use of a time attendance system. Discover their issues and respond to them. Getting their opinion on the system they would want to utilize is also a smart idea.

When putting in place a time attendance system at work, you can position yourself for success by paying attention to these easy suggestions.

Are time attendance systems worth it?

While time attendance systems provide many advantages for businesses, they also have significant disadvantages.

The following are some advantages of time attendance systems:

  • Enhancing accuracy and efficiency: Time attendance systems can assist companies in keeping better track of employee hours, which can result in increased effectiveness. A time attendance system, for instance, can assist in identifying this issue so that it can be rectified if an employee frequently arrives late or leaves early.


  • Monitoring employee hours: Time attendance systems can also be used to monitor employee hours. For payroll purposes or to monitor staff productivity, this information may be helpful.


  • Minimising the use of paper records: Time attendance systems can assist firms in reducing their dependency on paper records. Time and money can be saved, and the possibility of records being lost or misplaced can also be decreased.

Some of the drawbacks of time attendance systems include:

  • Cost: Installing and maintaining time attendance systems can be expensive. Depending on the particular system and the functions it delivers, the price will vary, but businesses should be aware that a sizable initial investment is necessary.


  • Time-consuming: Setting up and maintaining time attendance systems can take some time. This is especially true if the system is complicated or needs to be upgraded frequently.


  • Workplace interruptions: Time attendance systems occasionally result in office disruptions. Workflow can be hampered, for instance, if an employee forgets to clock in or out.

Overall, time attendance systems can be advantageous for businesses, but there are a few downsides as well. The specific requirements and financial constraints of the company will ultimately determine whether or not a time attendance system is cost-effective for the firm.

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